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The best $1 I’ve spent this year.
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Cain Lewis, Fortune 500 copywriter
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You’re insane Ruben for giving this away for $1. I sure wouldn’t want to be your accountant!
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Hassan Bin Arshad
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You could create a whole university course about AI just from Ruben's content. Keep the quality going, buddy!
Julius Bieliauskas
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This is a really excellent guide Ruben. Saving and sharing with my team.
Sam Browne
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I have no doubt in my mind that Ruben and ChatGPT's relationship is so strong that he will be the one that survives an Al takeover.
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Matt Barker
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There's humans and there's A.I and then there's Ruben: the best of both.
Tasleem Fateh
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Until the day I met Ruben in real life, I thought he was generated by Al. That's how much he knows and understand it.
Jessie Van Breugel
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My wife, who knew nothing of how to use ChatGPT, was fully trained by Ruben's guides in less than a week. He converts novice to pro.
Ryan Musselman

About Me

AI-obsessed since the first automation hacks. Started by writing poems to my friends with a silly bot, ended up as one of the biggest AI creators.
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100% not an AI (unless we're in the Matrix)
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